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Every year Shropshire Association of Woodturners issues a series of challenges to its members. Each challenge invites members to produce a piece using a particular theme or to using a specific technique. For some challenges members are issued with identical blanks to create something of their own choosing.

Challenge entries are judged at Club Night meetings by non-competing members with points awarded to the items placed first, second and third. Entrants are divided into two categories: Standard and Advanced. At the end of the year, at the Annual General Meeting, trophies are awarded to the winners of each category. The Annual General Meeting is when the year's final competition, The Chairman's Challenge is judged and a trophy awarded. 

This gallery shows some of the entries submitted in this year's challenges.

December 2023

The Chairman's Challenge

The Chairman's challenge is to turn something 'With Colour. 

The entries will be judged at the Annual General Meeting in December 2023.

The photos show the entries and winner of the 2022 Chairman's Challenge to turn somethingfrom green wood. The trophy was awarded to John Gibbons.

Chairmans Challenge 2022.JPG

November 2023

The November Challenge for both categories was to produce a Christmas Decoration.

October 2023

The October challenge for Turners was to turn a Mushroom.

The Advanced Turners' challenge was to make a short lenght of curtain rod with finials.

September 2023

In September the Turners were asked to make something using two types of wood and the Advanced Turners were challenged to produce something with wood and resin.

August 2023

The August challenge for Turners was to turn 'A Matching Pair' and the challenge to Advanced Turners was to make a '60W Edison Screw Pearl Light Bulb'.

July 2023

Both Standard and Advanced Turners were challenged to make something using a blank provided by the Club.

June 2023

In June the Standard Turners turned natural edged bowls. The advanced Turners tackled a different type of bowls by making a pair of identical Boules, though some made croquest balls that were destined for the National Trust's Attingham Park near Shrewsbury.

May 2023

May's challenge for Turners was to make a piece of fruit. The Advanced Turners tried their hand at Inside Out Turning.

April 2023

In April the Turners made platters or bowls while the Advanced Turners produced decorated hollow forms.

March 2023

In March, the Turners made An Animal while the Advanced Turners were challenged to make 'An Advanced Animal'.

January 2023

For the first challenge of the year, Turners were asked to make a Lidded Box. The Advanced Turners' challenge was to make a lidded box inspired by Jason Breech who had demonstrated how to make them at the Club's December meeting.

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