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About Shropshire Association of Woodturners

The Shropshire Association of Woodturners was formed in 1993 to provide a vehicle for like-minded people interested in wood turning and related woodworking pursuits to come together on a regular basis to discuss their interests, to learn from each other and from professional demonstrators, plus improve their skills.

We currently have over 40 members and within that number we have a wide range of skill levels from those who are just starting to turn to those for whom wood turning is a profession.


We aim to:

  • promote the craft of woodturning and allied crafts

  • provide a forum to encourage communication and exchange of ideas between members and others

  • arrange meetings, talks, competitions, demonstrations and exhibitions

  • encourage members to improve their skills and to aim for and produce high quality work



The SAW meets once a month at Bicton Village Hall between Shrewsbury and Montford Bridge (see location map). Dates and times of the meetings are listed on the ‘Calendar’ page and normally we have a demonstration from a nationally known professional wood turner. Occasionally we may have a demo or talk about a related woodcraft (ie. carving, colouring, finishing, etc.). The club has excellent audio visual equipment which ensures that everyone has a good view of  what is happening on the lathe, regardless of where they are seated, on two flat screen TVs. Tea, coffee and a bar are available at ‘half time’.

  • At each Club Meeting we have a turning ‘Challenge’ ( details on the ‘Calendar’ page) and judging is done by members. The Challenge is an ideal opportunity to see a range of interpretations and ideas plus (for the entrants) maybe to try out new techniques and areas of turning.

  • From time to time we organise Saturday morning ‘teach-ins’ for specific needs of members. Also, each year we try to arrange a full day demonstration / seminar by a well known professional. These meetings are always open to members from other local clubs and we are often invited to attend similar events organised by other clubs nearby.

  • Click here to see descriptions of recent activities >


  • The annual subscription is set at £50 which covers entry to all regular meetings. Visitors are asked to pay £5 for a demonstration meeting but this is deducted from the annual fee if they decide to join as a member. Those attending Saturday ‘teach-ins’ share the cost of the hire of the hall.


  • During the year the SAW attends various craft fairs, village shows and similar events. These provide opportunities to promote the club and recruit new members. In most cases there is the potential for members to sell items that they have made. Demonstrations of turning at these events are especially popular with families who have children – especially if they are lucky enough to receive a free spinning top or mushroom straight from the lathe.


  • The club has a library of  woodturning DVDs and books for members to borrow.


  • From time to time members bring in tools and items of equipment that are no longer required by them and bargains are often available. Newly felled trees are occasionally offered to the club and there are infrequent sales of wood blanks by local tree surgeons and the like.

  • A number of the professional demonstrators also offer tools and materials for sale at discounted prices.

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