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This gallery shows some of the entries submitted in this Club's challenges in 2022.

December 2022

The Chairman's Challenge

The Chairman's challenge was to turn something from green wood. 

The winning entry was John Gibbons' flute turned from newly felled willow. He was awarded the Chairman's Trophy, a goblet made by the late Lofty Marshall, a long-time member of Shropshire Association of Woodturners.

Chairmans Challenge 2022.JPG

August 2022

The August challenge was to turn two, four or six eggcups. 

The judges made the following awards: 
1st - John Gibbons 
2nd - John Pitt 
3rd = Julian Birch and Ted Barber 

Egg Cup Challenge

June 2022

A piece of fruit (for last month's fruit bowl)

1st Ted Barber 
2nd Mike Biddulph 
3rd Mike Caddick 
It was great it was to see two new faces on the 'podium'. Well done 
Mike(s) and now let’s see who else would like to enter the next challenge.

IMG_3948 (2)a.JPG
IMG_3943 (2)a.JPG
IMG_3951 (2)a.JPG

May 2022

“Either a large fruit bowl or a smaller nut bowl”

here was a good selection of entries from which the winners were:
1. John Gibbons for the Monkey puzzle tree bowl
2. Bill Clyne for the nut bowl and nut crackers
3. Ted Barber for the nut bowl and hammer


March 2022

“Anything turned from the piece of 6”x3”x3” yew supplied by the club”

There was an excellent range of entries with great variety and imagination.

In the end, the judges (always anonymous for security reasons?) awarded points to the following:

1st - John Gibbons for an amazing 58 piece multi-function box.

2nd - Julian Birch for an impressive and seasonal bunch of flowers.

3rd - John Pitt for a dangerous and clearly infectious corona virus.

Yew Challenge 1.jpg
Yew Challenge 2.jpg
2022-03-23 20.40.52.jpg

February 2022

The Chairman’s challenge – postponed from December 2020

There were four very well turned pieces entered for the " anything with legs " Challenge which were judged on the February Meeting. The score cards came in showing a dead heat but I must apologise for being too involved in other aspects of the evening and upon reflection, I wish to use the Chairman's discretion and award a winner. In my opinion the winning piece was the folding tripod by John Pitt which showed considerable imagination and technical skill of a very high standard. Well done John.


Ted Barber, Chairman

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