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Demonstration by Emma Cook
26th  January 2022

Emma’s informative IRD demonstration involved turning a platter, then using it to show texturing the rim using 
carving tools, before colouring using a dry brushing method, providing a comprehensive demonstration of carving and colouring. 


The stock for platter is 6” x 6” x 2” sycamore which was mounted between centres. She explained that it is sensible to retain the square shape in case defects are found, in which case some usable stock can be salvaged. The corners are turned off using push and traversing cuts, the final cuts being light to minimise tear-out. The piece is then examined to determine the best orientation for carving of the rim.

After forming a spigot using a beading/parting tool, then mounting in a chuck, the foot was formed using a parting tool. Now using a bowl gouge the underside of the platter was formed to an ogee shape.

Emma explained the importance of final cuts being from the inside out such that cutting is with the grain thus minimising tear-out. Emma also made the final cuts at the rim from the outside in to avoid break-out. After sanding to 240 grit applying “cut and Polish” and waxing the platter was reversed into the chuck to start hollowing the bowl.  


Emma encouraged us to use our own instincts to dimension the rim and foot size rather than try to follow the golden ratio, “if it looks right it will be”.

She started to shape the rim leaving the spigot for as long as possible

in case the piece had to be reversed for any reason. After the rim was

finished, the bowl was hollowed, although Emma recommended that if

the rim is to be coloured the bowl should be finished after painting to

give a clean edge, but if texturing, finish the bowl at this stage. To avoid

dark rings caused by the heel of the gouge compressing the wood

fibres, Emma used a gouge with the heel ground off. 
The inside of the bowl was sanded and finished as before.
Emma then moved on to texturing and colouring the rim, which

is covered by an information sheet that she provided.


Report by Bill Clyne

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