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Chris Parker Demonstration 
of Texturing 
22 June 2022

This is a summary of an excellent demo of turning & texturing. 
Chris made two items, using sycamore in each case which has dense, tight, grain. 
Brilliant gouge and negative-rake scraper work to produce a very pleasing catenary curve on the first piece which was a shallow bowl of approx 200 mm diameter. 
He emphasised the need to achieve a quality finish before texturing was started as well as clearing all dust rather than grinding it into the surface "you can't polish a turd" as he put it. 
The first section to be textured was on the outside & he made two shallow grooves about 30mm apart to help "contain" the work which he applied with a Sorby spiraling tool at a speed of approx 750 rpm. The sides of the section were important to prevent the tool from running away and to give clear definition to the texturing. 
He recommended practising on a spare piece before working on the finished item. 
Texture was then applied to the inside of the bowl and a graphite stick used to highlight the work before colouring with water-based acrylic, applied with a spray. 
The second piece started with a block of sycamore approx 150 x 150 x 80mm without any corners removed which came as a bit of a shock to our Jet lathe!  
Again, brilliant bowl gouge work to produce a deep bowl which he then applied quite brutal texturing with power equipment, followed by colouring. 
Chris had a huge selection of gouges and negative rake scrapers which he had shaped to his own requirements with clear explanations as to why each was ground. 
Chris was very clear in his explanations, kept everything simple and clear, gave a good commentary and both his pieces were of a very good standard. His display pieces were also outstanding and opened our eyes for many of us to a whole new area of turning. 
It was a good evening. 
Report by Ted Barber 

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